Client: Lost in Time Exhibition

PROJECT: Exhibition Re-Design

The Lost in Time exhibition is a concept design based on photographs taken by professional photographer Jon Crispin. The photographs feature seventy-five year old suitcases and trunks of deceased patients of the Willard Asylum. 



The exhibit is designed to fit into the second story gallery of the New York Public Library. Therefore, the colors and type chosen are meant to fit into that old and warm environment. 



Materials used are on the heavier side, but the exhibit is meant to blend seamlessly with the rest of the library. Cheaper materials would stand out against the grandeur of the existing architecture. 



The floor plan utilizes the Jefferson Gallery of the library. It also depicts the building's grand staircase, considering it is such a huge part of the exhibit's entrance. 


Large glass panels, much like windows with metal edges, would be suspended and feature the title and photos from the exhibit. They hang from large chains attached to the ceiling. 


Individual exhibits feature bios of the different patients of the asylum and why they were there. They also show a few important items from the suitcases themselves. 


The last part of the exhibit shows all the pictures that John Crispin has taken that are related to the project. The images are printed on giant vinyl panels with borders much in the same style as the entrance signs. 


It is customary to hang large vinyl signs of current exhibits from the front of the library. These signs are seen by thousands every day and share some of the pictures found in the suitcases from the exhibit. 


The front of brochures handed out upon entering is very similar to the sign on the front of the building. But the back is intended to look like an admittance form for an asylum and is able to be personalized .