Aquaman Contest Entry

Contest entry for a promotional art contest for the new Aquaman movie featuring Jason Momoa.

Grindelwald Contest Entries

Contest entries for a promotional art contest for the new Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald movie.


Painting process time-lapse video. Music is from the movie soundtrack and is by the talented James Newton Howard.

The Dingess Family 

This commission pair is a gift for the new beautiful Dingess bride and groom. They have unfortunately both lost a beloved parent and miss them dearly. 


Pagano Family 

This commission was a birthday present for Cynthia who is the wonderful grandmother featured in the middle. She is surrounded by her eight grandchildren who encircle her in order of descending age. 


Kristina & Noah 

This newly married couple celebrated their special day in New Orleans Louisiana. This painting was done from one of their wedding photos. Taken in front of a beautiful gold mirror it also captures some of the wedding party. 


Brigitte & Derek 

Engagement photo of the new husband and wife Brigitte and Derek. They are starting their life together with their beautiful new baby boy. 

Toffee Portrait 

A portrait of Toffee as an adorable Corgi person sitting in front of her mom's rose bushes. 

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

IBM Live Paint

Live painting event for a Truven IBM booth. The event was at a recent healthcare convention at the Austin Convention Center. The painting was finished within the hour and a half convention time frame.  

Kaya & Indie 

A commission of Kaya and Indie; two cats owned by a friend of mine. They are shown as if they are people having a picnic in the park. 


Bob Bustlet

Bob Bustlet is a former owner of the new Green Pastures restaurant soon to open in Austin Texas. His portrait hangs alongside the original owners of the house. 

Priscilla & Eddie 

Priscilla commissioned this family portrait for her husband Eddie for Valentines day. It is based off of one of her favorite family Christmas photos. 

No Comply Skate Shop

The No Comply Skate shop is located on 12th street in downtown Austin Tx. It recently celebrated its 10t anniversary, this painting was done to commemorate the shop.  

West Texas River

A watercolor painting based off of the Frio River west of San Antonio. This commission was a christmas present for the client's coworker. 

Sevro au Barca

This commission was a christmas present for the new owners of this adorable little Yorkie Sevro. 

Mixology 512 

This illustration is the landing page image for the Mixology 512 website. Mixology 512 is a local Austin company that produces high end cocktails and mixers. The image is based upon the classic american painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. 

Catherine & Trevor 

A newly engaged couple; this commission was actually ordered by the groom's mother that received a portrait of her and her husband on their wedding day 30 years ago. 



This comission was done for a friend of mine. Jazmine is an adorable Pit bull rescue. 

Danielle and Daniel

This portrait was done in honor of Daniel who passed away at the start of 2016. He and his girlfriend had been dating for 3 years until his tragic car accident. 



Lexi and Junior 

An adorable young couple, Lexi commissioned this portrait for Junior's birthday. 



This drawing was a commissioned christmas present for my grandmother who's dog died.