Client: The Hobby Center 

PROJECT: Dynamic Identity & Website Re-Brand

The logo was designed to be as dynamic and versatile as the different shows the theater features. The initial brainstorming for this identity explored almost all possible aspects of having a theater experience in The Hobby Center, from the specific plays the theater features to the iconic sculptures that grace the facade of the building. 



The final design for the logo is based on the stage lighting itself. Every performance has dramatically different lighting and this change is what inspired the triangle movement in the series of eight different logos.


Each logo also features at least one shape that is identical to a shape in the logo that follows it. Those repeated shapes are the only ones to have any color. This reoccurrence creates a continuous loop of movement throughout the series of eight. 


For the logo itself, some of the purest hues of the six basic colors on the color wheel are featured, along with a very simple classic typeface. 



The extended color palette explores more of the different unsaturated and not so perfect shades of those colors. Extended type is chosen based on web compatibility. 

Applications: Stationary

The stationary set features all six logos in the margin of the main page and keeps an overall simple and sparse design. 


Website: Wire-Frames

Three pages (the home page, schedule page and seat map) of this site are coded and fully responsive on all devices. The design is full bleed and bold in it's colors and imagery. The wire frames show the responsive change of the home page. 


Website: Link

Most of the imagery used is promotional for the different plays or events that are featured at the theater or surrounding area. 


Gift Shop Mugs 

Many new gift shop items are possible with the new logos including mugs of these kind. They feature a color and style to fit anyone's tastes.